The Haarkening…

For generations, or at least as far back as your great grand parents, the night has been claimed by the Haar, an unnatural mist that makes the night a scary place unless you have a source of light.

You’ve heard the tales of people going mad, choking to death or simply disappearing never to be seen again if they venture into the Haar at night. Some say its ghosts, others say its demons and some clerics put it down to godly games but nobody knows for sure – or if they do, they’re not telling anyone.

During the day life goes on, people harvest, mine, trade, build, become parents but at night towns shut down, lanterns and torches are lit to keep the mist away, but these materials are becoming more expensive and the further from a city you are the less light sources are available and the village of Smithfield soon won’t be able to support any night wardens.

For some reason you find yourself staying the night in Smithfield…

The Haarkening - A Pathfinder First

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