The Haarkening - A Pathfinder First

The story so far
Pathfinder and Savage Worlds

Story so far:

Met in a bar in Smithfield saving a young couple of smoochers from certain death from the Haar after a storm knocked out the protection lanterns.

Grouping together and hunting for the Druids friends there are tracks leading into the hills west of town. During the night there are chants heard, a scream and a fight. It is eerie that there is no Haar within the standing stones that circle the table covered in the blood of one of natures own.

A quick search and a underground chamber is found containing riddles, a book, a sword and lots of Haar protection symbols. All is gathered together and a trip to Courscantum for more knowledge begins.

A quick fight with scorpions, a dead mans clue and turning in an anti-slaver at The Oasis happens before getting rooms at The Emerald Sword in the old capital city. Some digging about and the young sneakster has found some undead critters climbing up through the basement.

The whole tavern is now on green alert!!!!!

Introduction & Part One
Hello all

Welcome and take a tour around this potentially evolving site.

It should all be straight forward enough and I will not accept that I have mish mashed 3 recent fantasy books to concoct the Haar :-)

Pathfinder is like D&D (D20) with character classes similar to those and currently no restrictions. Races allowed are human, half elf, half orc, dwarf and elf, no alignment but it is a game of heroes. You will start at level 2 and the 6 statistics (Str, Dex etc.) will be allocated at your pleasure from one of the 7 sets below – no points, no rolls, this is it…

1) 13 16 15 16 8 12 =80
2) 17 14 11 14 6 9 =71
3) 6 12 11 13 11 14 =67
4) 9 13 14 12 13 11 =72
5) 9 10 6 16 15 12 =68
6) 9 11 8 11 17 13 =69
7) 12 9 11 13 14 18 =77

Remember any probable racial adjustment to the above sets.

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