The Penions

The Penions is a large island that used to be call The Dominion and was ruled very strictly and with little remorse. As time passed and as exploration beyond the island increased, so did instability within The Dominion and over a period of 100 years or so the island split into 5 distinct ‘nations’ – hence the name The Penions. Elders say this is also when the first mysterious deaths started from the Haar although nothing has been found to prove this.

The Dominion is now know as The Dominance to the south of the island and still contains great influence and power. It has the most educated citizens compared to the other nations, however, the Horde Lands have more physical bodies.

The BoYark Provinces consist of old Dominion houses who grasped their escape as soon as they could. The families of Bo and Yark rule the area in unison and realise that it is only together that they can hold onto their lands against the rulers of The Dominance who cast a greedy eye to the east. Dukes Bo and Yark have their differences and here is often internal fighting and politics.

The north-east is home to Tamberlayn. The Tamber are a cross of native island families from The Dominions days mixed with an increasing number of traders and travelers from other lands. The Tamber are driven by trade and that means money. The government consists of an ‘elected’ council and although they preach freedom to all, this is sometimes not the case. Tamberlayn hosts 1 large fortified town which is focused on protection from the Horde Lands.

The Horde Lands is situated north of The Crown but in truth the tribes of golbins, orcs and many more humaniods and cultures roam freely in The Crown as well. The Horde do the expected rampaging, raiding and banditry you would expect but the other nations are wise to these exploits and the Horde have reduced much of their activity. It is believed this has resulted in a call to unite the tribes although it is unclear if this is a good or bad thing,.

Freeland is where the slaves of The Dominion escaped to. Welcomed by the Elves of the forests this nation has become a beacon of hope for islanders wanting to break free from The Dominance or not worry about excessive taxes. Of course there is still the Horde to worry about and a series of outposts keep Freeland safe from the east and any claim that The Dominance may have to the free lands is usually fought out in the slave pits of Twin Port

The Crown is almost centered in the island and is home to bandits, orcs and some say even dragons. It is believed that the Haar comes from these mountains but the brave settlers mining and living there frown on these rumours.

The Penions

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